Jan 22

SGC Special Breakfast Briefing on 'The Economic Consequences of the Trade War' with Dr Michael Spencer, Managing Director at Deutsche Bank

In today’s age of globalization, the global economy can be affected by any geopolitical risks occurring around the world. In our recent SGC Breakfast Briefing, Dr. Michael Spencer, Chief Economist and Head of Research, Asia Pacific, at Deutsche Bank, spoke about ‘The Economic Consequences of the Trade War’. Going through his analysis and predictions for the G3 economies (EU, US and Japan) participants received a thorough factual analysis of intertwined geopolitical events on economies.

Dr Spencer explained the trends and impacts of different policies on economic growth which resulted in the varied economic outlooks in G3 economies. He also shared his thoughts on the trade tensions, explaining that one of the main issues related to investment rather than to trade as a lack of investments lead to a slower growth which – as an effect – has major effects on supply chains and economic growth.

The complex issue of trade and investment relations between the US and China was only one of the themes Dr Spencer analysed. Other topics were the effects of Brexit, Japanese economy and economic development in Europe.