Jun 04

SGC Business Luncheon on 'Developing an Inclusive Workforce – Organisations embracing diversity'

How do we develop an inclusive workforce in our company? Mr Tan Chuan-Jin, Speaker of Singapore Parliament and former Minister of Manpower, shared his vision on this topic and an inclusive society at our latest Business Luncheon. Mr Speaker looks back on extensive experience in volunteerism and shared several examples, where the ones who volunteered ‘received’ and learned as much as the people they supported. Citing examples of change in companies where people with disabilities (PWD) taught the other colleagues to take a different perspective on many topics, he urged SGC members to also consider volunteering and employing PWDs. The SGC has embarked on raising the awareness on the topic through the Inclusion Committee, lead by Mr Bernd Starke (Deutsche Bank). He also moderated the dialogue session with Mr Speaker. SGC appreciates the inspirational Business Luncheon and would like to thank Mr Tan Chuan-Jin for sharing his views and experience on the topic.