Oct 11

Doing Business in Myanmar

How has the economy in Myanmar developed since the opening in 2011?

Together with the Regional Market Committee we've had the honour of talking about this topic with the Head of Projects and Services of the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Myanmar, @Sophie Waldschmidt. We have learned that with a 7% GDP growth outlook for 2019, Myanmar’s economic prospects look promising. It is a country with a growing and diversifying economy. Mrs Waldschmidt highlighted two of these new trends, namely sustainable tourism and value added goods. Concurrently and persistently, the garment industry continues to boom. With a median age of 27 years, the population in Myanmar is eager to learn and develop, which will lead to a higher purchasing power in the medium term. The event was well attended and Ms Waldschmidt highlighted several challenges of the country as well. The participants also discussed possibilities in the construction and infrastructure industries.

If you want to know more about the market, do not hesitate to directly contact Ms Wandschmidt at sophie.waldschmidt(at)myanmar.ahk.de