About the committee

For Centuries Humans exploited Nature’s Resources with no apparent negative effects. Now, Societies and companies are painfully realising that these resources are finite and that we must correct our behaviour and explore more sustainable ways to ensure our future.

Germany and Singapore are at the forefront of these developments and SGC would like to bring companies from both sides together to meet, exchange information, evaluate trends and develop business opportunities. The newly established Sustainability Committee would like to invite interested SGC members to join.

Published material:

  • The Grün Book – an overview of Singapore’s zero-waste masterplan, the 30 by 30 initiative, and a listing of relevant companies in the field of sustainability in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Projects presently in progress:

  • Waste disposal 1: The Plastic bottle recycling project – a proposal on how German companies can help to reduce the number of discarded plastic bottles in Singapore.

Other projects for the future:

  • Waste disposal 2: New concept for collection, sorting and recycling other waste in Singapore (paper, glass, batteries, etc.)
  • Sustainability in construction projects (R&D buildings)
  • Invite speakers from the sustainable Industry in Germany and Singapore
  • Invite Chairman of the Sustainability Association of Singapore to speak.
  • Centre of Excellence for joint sustainability projects in Singapore
  • Other ideas, activities, projects etc. to be defined.

Interested?  Please contact Joachim Ihrcke, Chairman at joachim(at) or Jakob Lambsdorff, Deputy Chairman at Jakob.lambsdorff(at) or SGC


Joachim Ihrcke

Leistritzt SEA Pte Ltd
25 International Business Park Rd, #04-53/54 German Centre Singapore 609916
Tel: +65 6569 3395

Jakob Lambsdorff

Chief Executive Officer
Alba W&H Smart City Pte Ltd
18 Tuas Avenue 10
639142 Singapore