SGC Committees

Join our expert groups, the committees. Currently there are 10 committees. By joining our committees you are not only expanding your business contacts but your knowledge as well.

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The Singapore German Chamber’s committees combined constitute the backbone of the chamber. These committees are specialized groups that aim to cater to the different fields of businesses that the chamber is involved in. Those involved comprise of representatives from various backgrounds, corporate sector companies who operate in Singapore. The Committees meet on a regular basis to discuss new developments and work on projects of interests. Here they are given a platform to identify areas of interest, voice problems, discuss new topics and share experiences.

Our Current Committees:


Martin Hayes
Robert Bosch (SEA) Pte Ltd President and Managing Director
+65 6571 2000

Members of the SGC automotive committee come from various different German car manufacturers based in Singapore. In this committee, they address specific topics of interest and concern to the industry by inviting speakers and developing position papers.

Aims and Targets:

  • Provide a German automotive platform for regular exchange on sector specific issues
  • Engage with key stakeholders and advocate topics concerning the industry and regulatory issues
  • Develop recommended papers to authorities and officials Network with relevant third parties


Mr Ralf Schmidt
General Manager Asia, HamburgAmbassador Singapore Hamburg Commercial Bank AG | Singapore Branch
Tel: +65 6550 9011 

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Chemical Industries

Mr Peter Meinshausen
Evonik (SEA) Pte Ltd President SEA, Australia & New Zealand
+65 6809 6666

Singapore is host to a number of chemical companies in all sizes. The chemical industry accounts for approximately 40% of the Singapore's GDP and plays a vital role in the local economic landscape. The Chemical Industries Committee views itself as a platform to discuss and exchange views of common interests withe focus on HR, ESH, CSR and compliance matters. It acts as a lobby body to promote its interest to government agencies and authorities.

Aims and Targets:

  • to represent industry specific interest
  • to advocate state of the art playing field for the industry
  • to voice its professional views and ideas on the industry 

Digitalisation and Innovation

Committee Leadership: (l-r):
Mr Frank Reppel
Managing Partner, Reppel & Partners Pte Ltd
Tel.: 6245 0541

Dr Markus Waechter
Managing Director, German Institute of Science and Technology TUM Asia Pte Ltd
Tel.: 6777 7407

Mr Willi Hess
Director, BeerCellar Asia Pte Ltd
Tel.: 8118 0374

Mr Joerg Kalisch
Managing Director, Dexteritas Pte Ltd
Tel.: 9622 2100

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Financial Management

Reinhard Klemmer
Partner, KPMG LLP
+65 6213 2333

What is on the agenda of a CFO? Accounting, Financial Reporting, Tax, Transfer Pricing and Funding are topics covered by the Committee. The Committee serves as a platform to discuss issues, present topics and invite external speakers to educate members on specific topics. In addition, we support the business community with position papers on topics such as Double Taxation as and when such issues arise.

Aims and Targets:

  • To conduct meetings, talks and produce position papers on financial issues that affect companies in Singapore
  • To further deepen members’ knowledge on financial topics that affect companies by sharing experiences and current information
  • Provide Insights, promote networking, share knowledge 


Paul Tan
TUV SUD PSB Pte Ltd Senior Principal Consultant
+65 9478 6168

The Healthcare industries in Singapore comprise different sectors: a highly developed healthcare environment, but also laboratories, companies offering research and testing, and companies with product ranges related to different healthcare topics. The committee intends to organize seminars on health quality standards and organize site visits to companies in the healthcare sector.

Aims and Targets:

  • To inform about new developments in the field of quality standards in the healthcare environment
  • To offer presentations on initiatives and products in the field of healthcare
  • To organize seminars on different topics such as quality standards or new developments

Human Resources

Chairman Eckart Jensen
HR ACT Pte Ltd
+65 9228 8711

Human resources have been part of Singapore's success. Companies who have regional regional reach need HR Managers equipped with regional functions as well. The role of HR Managers is manifold. They engage in hiring, development of employees, and understand the labor laws of the different countries. The committee is a platform for these managers to discuss new ideas on how to meet the challenges of regulations and development of employees.

Aims and Targets:

  • exchange of information on legal regulations in Singapore and region
  • networking platform for HR professionals 

Inclusion #PartnerForAdvocacy

Mr Bernd Starke
Deutsche Bank AG, Singapore Branch
Tel.: +65 6423 8001
Email: bernd.starke(at) 

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Mittelstand #PartnerForSMEs

Sam Chee Wah
FEINMETALL Singapore Pte Ltd General Manager
+65 3152 9100

Joachim Ihrcke
DMG Mori Senior Advisor

Singapore offers a safe environment for smaller and mid-sized German companies to tackle the markets of South East Asia. A sizeable number of so called ‘Mittelstand’ companies have been active and successful in Singapore and the region for many years. This committee is a platform to share experiences of Mittelstand companies in their regional market experience, as well as, they strive to stay ahead of competition and innovate constantly their product range.

Aims and Targets:

  • To offer a platform for Mittelstand companies and other parties to share their regional experience
  • To offer a platform to present companies’ thrive to innovate their products and services
  • To advocate topics related to non-multinational companies which influence the working environment in Singapore


Regional Markets

Friedhelm Best
Vice President Asia Pacific Region, HIMA

Based on an excellent business environment, Singapore has developed over the time into an important business centre in the Asia Pacific region. Therefore, Singapore serves as a business hub for many German and other international companies in the region or even more a gateway to Asia. For all SGC members acting or expanding in the region, the Regional Markets Committee intends to be an important knowledge platform in Singapore. The Committee members are mainly the smaller and mid-sized (SME) companies in the manufacturing industry which are active in the B2B environment.

Aims and Targets:

  • Provide a platform for regular experience exchange about regional markets outside Singapore
  • Engage with country experts to share insides of the different markets in Southeast Asia, such as economics, business conditions or regulatory framework
  • Share best practices among committee members regarding establishing, managing or expanding a local operation