Aug 29

Site Visit to Enabling Village - An Inclusion Committee initiative

The Inclusion committee would like to invite you to a site visit to the Enabling Village. Please join us to this enriching experience. You will get to know a community that helps People with Disabilities (Pwds) empower themselves through the trainings, skills-upscaling, use of modern technology etc. Indeed, the village is an inclusion at work because people with diverse abilities are helping each other to achieve positive impact in the society.

“The Enabling Village is both a community and a space. We are a collective of individuals and organisations that serve–and are supported by– people with diverse abilities. Our goal is to make the Enabling Village a place where people with different abilities can move independently; where they can feel accepted for who they are, and be valued for their contributions.” (Enabling Village Website)


Enabling Village

20 Lengkok Bahru
159053 Singapore

Event Start
29/08/2019 | 16:00
Event End
29/08/2019 | 17:15

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4:00pm Arrival and welcome

4:10pm Introduction and walking tour of the Enabling Village (includes the UOB Ability Hub event spaces, Caregivers pod, Academy training facilities, inclusive supermarket and others)

4:30pm Visit to Tech Able Assistive Technology Centre

5:00pm Art Faculty and Art Bar networking and discussions

5:15pm End

Please be notified that pictures will be taken during the event for publications on our website, newsletters and printed publications

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