Apr 30

Inclusion Committee meeting on 'Deutsche Bank's journey to hiring People with Disabilities (PwDs)

Did you know that more than one billion people – or one in seven of us – in this world are living with some form of #disability. Eighty percent of these people acquire their disability between the ages of 18 and 64 – for most the average working age - and they are 50% more likely to be unemployed.

In one of our latest Inclusion committee meetings Deutsche Bank (DB) shared how they started its active involvement in hiring People with Disabilities (PwDs) in Singapore. From just simple gatherings and giving information about the need to include PwDs as staff in a company, DB now has concrete programmes in integrating PwDs in its company. For example, through PwD’s work-placement training of 10 weeks, employees can better understand and integrate their colleagues. Furthermore, DB encourages its employees to actively volunteer in events to raise awareness in this inclusion journey. What’s more, DB cooperates with SG Enable to make the inclusion activities resonate with the public.