We have currently 520 Members with a strong membership base. This allows our members to network extensively and help promote their businesses. SGC Members enjoy diverse benefits and privileges.

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Become a member

Join the Chamber in easy steps...Once you have filled up the online application form, we will then contact you to confirm your details and, once accepted, set up your membership.

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SGC membership entails lots of benefits. You can try out and experience it first hand. But we can tell you already, once you are a member of the SGC it's difficult to think of leaving. Enjoy the benefits.

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Members' Listing

Be part of of our growing enthusiastic member list. It's never to late to be part of our growing list. Fill up the online membership now and click 'Submit'.

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Gold Membership

If you want to be a stand out be a Gold Member! The light is so bright when everything that shines is like gold. Enjoy the vast privileges and benefits. It's excellent for your business.

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SGC Gold Members

Our Corporate Gold Members

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SGC on Video

SGC is #PartnerForBusiness

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SGC Committees

Join our expert groups, the committees. Currently there are 10 committees. By joining our committees you are not only expanding your business contacts but your knowledge as well.

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Young Professionals Network

Join our young professionals meet and network and discuss relevant topics for ages 25-35.