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B2B - Renewable Energy Portal

B2B - Renewable Energy Portal

The international business platform B2B Renewable Energies is part of the Export Initiative. It will be conducted through the worldwide network of the German Chamber of Commerce abroad. The electronic marketplace offers companies the possibility to establish fast and simple contacts throughout the world anytime, and to market their renewable energy products and services. Furthermore the information portal offers current industry news, market analysis, useful links as well as details of events all around the world. Please visit B2B Portal here www.renewablesb2b.com

Export Initiative Renewable Energies

In order to actively contribute to the global climate protection with the help of spreading German technologies, and to support German companies with the positioning in international markets, the Export Initiative Renewable Energies was launched in 2003 based on the decision of the German Federal Parliament. Since then, the initiative from the Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology (BMWi) has been managed, coordinated and financed. With a wide offer of measures, the Export Initiative supports the German companies of the renewable energy industry with the opening of new markets overseas. An extensive offer of information on international markets, seminar events, overseas business trips, contact initiation with cooperation partners from the target country, marketing support and many more serves particularly the small and medium sized companies as a starting point for their overseas activities. Further information and current events of Export Initiative Renewable Energies can be found in www.exportinitiative.bmwi.de.

Renewables: Made in Germany

How will the Energy Mix look like in the future? With rising energy prices and growing climate change challenges, renewable energies play an increasingly important role in crafting energy policies for the future. The consistent and early developments of renewable energies in Germany have led German companies of this industry to be among the world leaders of this trade. The slogan “renewables – made in Germany” stands for highly innovative, practical and efficient technology and services, which are used by the renewable energy sources in many ways. In Germany, renewables already took up about 15% of the gross power consumption and 8% of the total final energy consumption for heat in 2008. This contributed considerably to climate protection. Through the renewable energies, Germany manages to cut down about 112 million tons of CO2 yearly. In order to make a substantial contribution towards international climate protection, the federal government supports worldwide proliferation of German renewable energies technology and know-how together with Export Initiative Renewable Energy since 2008. You can benefit from it with the following service offers:

  • Conferences to inform you about the current developments and newest technologies from Germany. In addition they offer you a platform to establish contacts with German companies and experts.
  • Through delegation visits to Germany you have the opportunity to be informed on site about German technologies and German Know-how. You can also contact German companies directly and establish businesses.
  • You can be informed on the most modern German technologies in exhibitions, which will be introduced within the framework of a German collective stand on renewable energy and also through German experts in a series of lectures.
  • An internet portal and a newsletter will update you on current developments of the German EE-Branch under www.renewables-made-in-germany.com
  • A virtual marketplace will give you the possibility of offering your technologies or services worldwide, and advertise your products to other companies. www.renewablesb2b.com

AHK-Singapore carries out various projects on behalf of the initiative. Future projects of AHK-Singapore within the framework of Export initiative Renewable Energies will be announced in due time:

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