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Address Research

Whether you are looking to partner with a company in either Germany or Singapore, or needing to contact individuals from specific companies etc., DEinternational is able to assist you by compiling a list of German/Singaporean addresses from our various sources that cater to your needs and criteria making contact with others more efficient and hassle-free.

Business Matchings

DEinternational recognizes that meeting with potential clients is the gateway to starting new partnerships and opportunities; however due to your tight schedules, organizing business trips can be challenging. Here at DEinternational, we can assist you by contacting clients and arranging meetings that are suitable for both your client and yourself. Through the use of our contacts in Singapore and the region, we are able to make these engagements as effortless as possible. For German representatives, we are able to organize meetings as well as establishing contact with partner organizations. For Singaporean companies and organisations, we are experienced with organizing business delegations to Germany.

Company Pool

Thinking of expanding into the dynamic yet riveting Asian market? Or still looking for suitable capacity? Either way, DEinternational is and has been successfully assisting German companies in the form of a company pool for many years. Our purpose of this is to further develop and enhance your regional network through active consulting and assistance from our company pool managers.

Event Organization

Make use of our skills and experience in organizing events that not only caters to your needs and requirements but also support the planning and outcome of events such as PR events, company openings and/or conferences. Through our extensive network of contacts involved in various industries, government authorities, associations and academics, one is able to increase their presence in the Singaporean and German market through events that we organize for you.

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Mailing Service

Our mailing services are yet another service that aims to support your business through:
Defining industries/ sectors with you accordingly, Identifying appropriate companies that are relevant to you, Sending out your corporate brochure/ information material to other relevant businesses. In addition, the mailing will be accompanied by an introduction letter composed by DEinternational introducing your business activities and intentions.

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Market Study

To ensure a successful entry into the market, a reliable and comprehensive market study and research, based off your specific requirements, will be performed in order to gather relevant market information.

Our market study service includes:A thorough and in-depth desk research and analysis, Personal interviews with representatives from relevant authorities, organizations, associations, academies, manufacturers and other vital players of the market scene.

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In regards to recruitment, our certified employment agents will assist your company in finding the most suitable candidate that best meets your requirements.

Furthermore, the SGC will coordinate the search with you throughout the entire selection process such as the publicizing the job, short listing of candidates, coordination and scheduling of interviews.


Job list

Support programs for SMEs

Germany supports business ventures abroad. You can find valuable information via this link:

You may also inquire from your local German Chambers in Germany:

For inquiries on funding support for Singapore please contact the SGC at

For more information for Singaporean companies planning to expand into German markets, you can contact our partners via this link: 

We look forward to working with you.

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