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Q. I am looking for a job in Singapore, could you help me find one?

A. A good way to get information on job vacancies in Singapore is to contact the companies directly. A directory of companies in the city-state can be ordered from the webpage www.kompass.com.sg
You might also want to have a look at our members listing on our website: http://www.sgc.org.sg/members/members-directory/  after which you may then contact the companies directly for further information on job vacancies.

We also advice you to upload your CV on our website under the JobXchange page: http://www.sgc.org.sg/jobxchange/professionals/. We will keep it in our database and will forward it to interested companies searching for employees with your profile. Before doing so we will contact you. If you want your short profile to be posted online, please fill in the form on this page.

Q. Do you have a list of German companies in Singapore where I can apply for work?

A. We have our members listing on our webpage: http://www.sgc.org.sg/members/members-directory/

A directory of companies in the city-state can be ordered from the webpage www.kompass.com.sg

Q. I am German, if I work in Singapore, do I need a work visa?

A. Yes, you need a working visa to work in Singapore. All non-Singaporeans and non-PR in Singapore need a working visa in Singapore. It is illegal to work in Singapore without a working visa. Please find out more on the pages of the Ministry of Manpower (MoM): www.mom.gov.sg 

Q. What working visa do I need?

A. It depends what kind of working relationship you have with your company. The main categories are related to your formal education, experience on the job and salary. For the different types of working visa please visit www.mom.gov.sg 

Q. I have found a job in Singapore, how can I process my working visa?

A. The company that hires you will be the one to apply for your working visa. You have to submit all necessary documents to your future employer for processing.

Q. I will be working in Singapore for less than 60 days; do I need a working a visa?

A. Under certain conditions you may be able work without working visa in Singapore for maximum 60 days. In any case you should inform MoM about it. Failure to inform MoM is against the law in Singapore. Please check the MOM webpage under: ”work pass exempt” for further details. Please always inform yourself on the website of the MoM for any changes: www.mom.gov.sg

Q. What if my work will take longer than 60 days?

A. Then a working visa is compulsory. In this case, the local hiring company or the sponsoring company will have to apply for your working visa.

Q. Could you inform me about your recruitment service?

A. Companies can approach and instruct us to search new staff for them. We have several options for companies:
Contact candidates whose short CVs are on our webpage (please contact us via form below).

Or, if you would like to check more than 10 CVs, two types of recruitment services are available. Full package and the CV search.

Full Package:

  • Job ad in local daily print and online, SGC website
  • Preview of all CVs
  • Pre-selection of CVs, shortlisting
  • Submission of pre-selected CVs to client
  • Interview arrangements
  • Interview (by instructing company, per request, SGC can sit in as neutral observer with extra charge)
  • Final selection (by instructing company)

    On average this process takes about six weeks.

CV Search

  • Job announcement in third party online portal and SGC database
  • Preview CVs
  • Pre-selection CVs, shortlisting
  • ubmission of pre-selected CVs to client
  • Interview arrangements

    On average this process takes about four to six weeks.

For further details, please contact Mr Valdemar Llenos: valdemar.llenos(at)sgc.org.sg 

Q. I would like to upload my CV on your website, is this free?

A. Yes, it is free of charge. Please go to: http://www.sgc.org.sg/business-services/recruitment/

Q. I am looking for an internship in Singapore, could you help me find contacts?

A. The best way to get in touch with companies in Singapore is to approach them in person. A directory of companies in the city-state can be ordered from the webpage
Besides, you might want to have a look at our members listing on the website

Q. I would like to do an internship at SGC, how do I do that?

A. You can send your full applications to Ms Margit Kunz at margit.kunz(at)sgc.org.sg  The SGC regularly hires around three interns for a period of 6 months. The terms start usually in spring and autumn. Should your profile be of interest to us, we will contact you on short notice.

Q. Is it difficult to find a job in Singapore?

A. There are several categories which are in high demand. Please have a look at http://www.mom.gov.sg/skills-training-and-development/skills-in-demand/Pages/skills-in-demand.aspx      

Q. I am a law student and currently looking for an internship for my law internship (Rechtsreferendariat). Can I do this at the SGC?

A. Unfortunately, we do not offer internships to law students. The SGC does not have its own legal department and the SGC does not have the possibility to supervise law students due to our regulations.

Please visit our website www.sgc.org.sg and search for our list of German-speaking lawyers in Singapore that might be of interest to you. Other helpful sources might be the webpage’s:

Please also check the webpage of the Ministry of Manpower: www.mom.gov.sg for the current situation on Work Passes. It is worthwhile checking these pages since there have been numerous changes in recent months.

Q. Are there any legal limitations for working in Singapore?

A. Yes. Depending on your profession or the place you trained/ studied, you might face restrictions in practicing your job here in Singapore. Examples are the medical profession and law related jobs. 

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