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How do I become a member?

Please fill out the Application Form and fax it back to us at +65 6433 5359. We will contact you once it has been approved by the Board.

What are the differences between the various membership categories – Ordinary Corporate Member, Ordinary Individual Member and Associate Member

Any person, corporation, association, private, public or official body having its place of business or domicile in either Germany or Singapore and who participates in trade or other commercial activities in Germany or Singapore may be admitted to Ordinary membership. Any such person, corporation, association, private, public or official body qualifying for Ordinary Corporate membership shall appoint only one representative exercising all the membership rights and privileges (Ordinary Corporate Member). Any Ordinary Member may nominate in addition to the Ordinary Corporate Member further representatives as Ordinary Individual Member. Every Ordinary Member, whether a person or a corporation has one vote. Only Ordinary Corporate Members are eligible to stand for election.

Any person, corporation, association, private, public or official body having an interest in the activities of the Chamber may become an Associate Member. An Associate member will have access to all membership benefits but is not allowed any voting rights.

What are the benefits of becoming a member of the Chamber?

Members benefit from us in many ways. You will:

  • Benefit from the Chamber's strong working ties (with both government agencies, business organisations and companies in Singapore and Germany)
  • Be able voice your interests to Singaporean and German decision makers
  • Expand your network through our events, seminars and others
  • Be able attend our signature monthly Business Luncheons free of charge
  • Enjoy our events at a special price
  • Gain in-depth insights about your field of work or interest by participating in one of our various committees
  • Acquire strategic and timely information related to business
  • Receive free copies of targeted SGC business publications
  • Receive our comprehensive Newsletter regularly
  • Receive benefits through our SGC Membership Card

Most importantly, being a SGC member allows for diverse opportunities to network within and outside the SGC framework. The SGC works closely together with other national business organisations to always offer fresh contact opportunities.

Is the membership transferable?

The membership is generally transferable to an alternate personnel of the company. The company is required to fill up a ‘Transfer of Membership’ form including the details of the proposed new member and send back to SGC.  We will update our database thereafter.

How to terminate my membership?

Any member may terminate his membership by writing in to the
Executive Director with three (3) months’ notice to the end of the financial year and pay all monies due to the Chamber. The termination letter can be sent by e-mail or normal post.  This should follow a completion of the termination form which can be obtained from the membership department.

Are my SGC membership dues tax-deductible?

SGC membership fees are not tax-deductible.

How do I specify which emails I want to receive?

Currently, we have the Newsletter which is sent out on a weekly basis. Your email is automatically included in our mailing list when you become a member. Otherwise, we may from time to time send out mass mailers about our events or events of other members.

My company paid my membership. What happens if I leave my job?

The membership can be transferred to a colleague. No entrance fee will be charged. You can contact the membership department to obtain the ‘Transfer of Membership’ form.

How do I access Members-only information?

Members-only information can be accessed from our corporate website. To access the Online Membership Directory, you will need to register on-line to receive a User Id and Password.

What membership options are available to entrepreneurs and freelancers?

As freelancers and individuals, you are most welcome to join the Chamber as long as you have the place of business or domicile in either Germany or Singapore and participate in trade or other commercial activities in Germany or Singapore. All memberships are of course subject to approval by the Board.

Who should I contact with questions about my membership?

For further clarification, please contact:
Ms Lakshmi Swarnam
Head of Membership, Events and Communications
Singaporean-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce
+65 6433 5337
+65 6433 5359

Inquiry Form: Please email us if your questions have not been addressed by the information provided above.

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